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Lamacek is made up of the artist/design duo, Connie Lam and Michael Sedlacek.  Our studio is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in modern design and the evolution of it to today’s market. What Lamacek is looking to add to modern design is “organic modernism”, an element of warmth and a handmade quality that is still heavily influenced by the sleek and classic lines of modernism.  We consider ourselves artist first, designers second. All our pieces are individually made with a focus on that day’s creativity, so no 2 products will look exactly the same.

We conscientiously pick materials that are in line with the current movement of sustainability.  Part of our textile line, includes trivets and runners that are made of EcoFelt. EcoFelt is made of 100% recycled water bottles and is produced in the USA. We have purposefully kept our production on-shore, specifically in Brooklyn.

All designs can be customized. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. 


Connie Lam              Connie@Lamacek.com    917.543.7648

Michael Sedlacek    Michael@Lamacek.com    917.855.2778